What We Do

We have a range of services and activities that we are engaged in which are outlined below.

We welcome any visitors to Assembly Hall and try our best to make you feel welcome and at ease.

Breaking of Bread

The first meeting of the week is the Breaking of Bread Meeting which the Lord instituted before he went to the cross requesting that His disciples break bread and drink the cup “in remembrance of me” 1 Corinthians 11 v 23-26. The New Testament practice was to do this every Sunday. Acts 20 v 7.The meeting has no set format however there is normally some hymn singing and prayers before the remembrance emblems are distributed.

Sunday School

Sunday School is taught at 2 levels a Junior Class and a Senior Class. Each Sunday the children are involved in activities that include singing, learning a memory verse, quizzes and Bible Stories.

Bible Teaching Meeting

Different speakers present a message from the Bible each week to edify and encourage Christians, how to live and walk with God in their daily life.Normal format for this meeting would be, singing a hymn, then a prayer and then the speaker will deliver the message.

Open Air Witness & Leaflet Distribution

Weather permitting a short Gospel message will be preached in the street in various locations and several times a year Gospel literature or calendars will be distributed around the village.

Gospel Meeting

Each Sunday evening there will be a speaker who will bring a Gospel Message, God’s good new for the world, from the Bible.The format for this service is normally some hymn singing before formal start then an opening hymn, prayer, hymn then the speaker will deliver their message.

Midweek Prayer & Bible Study

The first part of the meeting is for prayer and the latter part if for systematic Bible Study and discussion.The usual format for this meeting would be a hymn then several prayers before someone will read and open the passage for discussion.

Monthly Saturday Meetings (October—March)

Each month guest speakers will give Bible teaching on subjects of their choice to encourage and edify the Christians.These meetings are given in two part with an interval in between for refreshments. The normal format for each part would be opening hymns, a prayer, then the speaker will deliver their message.