What's On

We have several meetings arranged throughout the course of the year which are over and above the normal weekly services and are outlined below.
For younger children or teenager events please see the "Children's" page.
Saturday Evening Bible Teaching
On the first Saturday of each month during the winter months of October to March guest speakers are invited to speak from the bible on a subject of their choosing.
Missionary Report
Occasionally a report is given by someone who is serving God in a foreign country or even in the UK, reporting on his activities and services.
Special Series
A collection of recordings based on a subject matter
Weekly Services

These meetings are held weekly unless specified.

You are welcome to attend any of these with no obligations.


Breaking of Bread 10.30am

Kidz Korner 2.00pm

Bible Teaching 3.15pm

Gospel Meeting 6.30pm


Prayer and Bible Study 7.30pm

Saturday Evening Bible Teaching    
October 1st - 6.30pm
Jim Paterson - Plains
John Thompson - Uddingston

November 5th - 6.30pm
John Riddle - Cheshunt
Steven Arbuthnot - Eastpark

December 3rd - 6.30pm
Elton Farifield - Japan
Ministry and Missionary Report

February 4th - 6.30pm
Ian Jackson - Eastbourne
Ministry and Missionary report

March 4th - 6.30pm
Malcolm Radcliff - Northern Ireland
Sandy Foster - Courock
Annual Conference 2017
January 2nd

Mark Sweetnam - Dublin
Craig Munro - Glencraig
Alan Summers - Mayfield

(Conference starts at 11.30am with interval for refreshments 1.15-2.30pm)

Special Series