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Children work towards earning a free place on the trip primarily by their attendance and can add points in other ways eg. saying their memory verse, answering questions and generally taking part.
As a reward to parents for sending their children along each week, each family is allowed to bring up to two adults with them on the trip for free. 
Each year a different venue is chosen for the trip. it is always a Saturday and the children are notified will in advance as to when it will take place.
The bus and all expense are paid for by the church normally including two meals being a lunch and a dinner.
See below for some of our most recent destinations.

Saturday 28th May we went to Wellsfield Farm Park. The weather was good and it was an interesting experience for all the children and indeed the adults.
This year the special treat for the children was a pony trek if they achieved 16 attendances

Saturday 30th May we went to Blair Drummond Safari Park Safari Park. A tour round the animals in the bus was a great experience for all the children and adults.
The weather was great as well being warm and sunny all day.

Saturday 31st May we went to Heads of Ayr Farm Park. We had a good number of adults and children with is on that day. The weather was fantastic as was seen by the red faces at the end of a great day.

Saturday 8th June we went to the East Links Farm Park near Dunbar. This time we almost filled a 70 seater bus and again the weather was warm and sunny.